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About Us

Our Background

Community Based Organization (CBO) supporting Orphan and Vulnerable Children (OVC). It was founded by a generous individuals, in 2016 moved by thier love and passion for children, they advocate for the rights of the children and also offers them basic needs to improve their livelihood.

Backed up by JESUS CHRIST’S past life history, he came out with this vision, dream and ambition to house orphans/needy children. I also considered the poor nature of our communities, which need a lot of help and support, filled with a lot of domestic violence, child abuse, neglect, torture, moral decay, ignorance and high levels of illiteracy and extreme poverty. And most of the families are poverty stricken families.

Our Objectives

We link with the Government through various sectors at all levels, Community based Organisations and individuals who have an interest in uplifting the standards of needy children.

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